Another area of interest is biometrics.  In the past, MCS had implemented fingerprint match-on-card technology within our COS.  Now, we delve into fingerprint, iris and face multi-modal biometric systems on PC, card and mobile devices.  Biometrics has become a ubiquitous part of our lives through its introduction into and proliferation of mobile devices, a direction set by the major manufacturers.

BioCheck Biometric Smart Card

We now have BioCheck Card, a fingerprint-enabled Trusted ID biometric smart card that is based on the MCS Multi-application Operating System (MOS). The fingerprint sensor has a resolution of 508 dpi and FRR of 2% at FAR of 0.01% to ensure a reliable and consistent authentication process while the card stores up to five fingerprints. It operates in both contactless and contact communication modes and is powered by a high-density rechargeable battery. This configuration makes it compatible with both attended and unattended terminals and kiosks.

BioCheck ePassport Demo


BioCheck Driving License Demo


BioCheck e-Wallet Demo


Health Card Demo


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